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The answer is simple. You can save up to 50% on your utility bill and more than 75% on other daily living expenses with the tools and resources below.

There are several ways in which you can make real energy a reality that will reduce your bill and the money you spend on other everyday expenses, like groceries, food, gas, and utilities. Here are 4 ways you can save energy and lower your energy bill:

1. Use smart appliances.

Instead of buying new electric appliances, spend less on electric bills by using smarter smart appliances, that can cut energy consumption. Smart meters not only help you save energy, but they are also a way to save money on other bills. Your smart meter can also help monitor your energy consumption and send warnings to the utility when you need to pay for energy-saving measures. Here are just a few of the many smart appliances you can use:

Smart lightbulbs can cut electricity bills by an average of 25% when used on regular days

smart thermostats make it easier for you to save energy (without actually going out in the winter)

smart water heaters let you know when your pipes are frozen and can save money on the price of electricity to heat up when you are not home

Smart water pumps can reduce the cost and energy usage for people who still need to bathe, shower, shower and rinse the cars on time

smart window air conditioners can cut your heat bill by more than 50%

smart lights reduce the need to drive or sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic to save money

smart locks save money by keeping thieves out

2. Move the lights and appliances where there is less direct sunlight.

If you spend too much time working indoors, you should consider that if you do not take short rest breaks and use your office desk for a few minutes throughout the day, the use of your lamp on your desk causes unnecessary heat. In addition to saving your desk lamp money, you will save on the use of sunlight that reaches your office.

3. Try a lower-energy option when the time and cost is right.

Many energy efficient appliances are available that do not require a power supply when it is not needed. Some are even designed to run off natural gas or other renewable energy sources such as solar. By using these less expensive options, you can save money while you save energy. Here are just a few energy efficient appliances you can use:

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