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See “The Lithium-Ion Battery.”

Can I buy used lithium-ion batteries from a battery store?

Yes, however they may not be of great value. The major reason for buying used batteries from a seller is that you are getting a good deal, so this is your best chance to use a quality product at a reasonable price. If you do decide to buy used batteries, make sure that you keep your battery for a minimum of 12 months so that any damage does not affect it, since it is important that it be protected. After that amount of time, use the manufacturer’s recommended time for disassembly of your new battery and test for proper functioning. In short, unless you know how to care for a battery, there is little chance that you will be able to use it safely.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges on items bought from any major retailer. This includes Walmart and Fry’s Electronics.

I forgot to mention that for safety reasons we can only use replacement batteries that have been serviced during normal use. For example, if you have bought an original battery that has been leaking in the battery compartment for more than a year, or if you have taken a battery that has already failed prematurely, we will not accept a replacement of the same type.

Who should I contact regarding my battery’s quality?

See “Contact us about your batteries.”

How can I determine the current wattage of a battery?

The current wattage rating has two factors that must be noted. First, the number of cells in the battery must be a multiple of 9. Second, the battery charger must be rated in A.C. watts. These two criteria together determine the current wattage.

Welcome to the latest round of the best Android apps and games on the market. We’re updating these weekly with games based in Asian culture, including Japanese video games and Japanese manga.

So here’s what our readers have asked for since the beginning of the round:

-What Asian culture games do you play?

A – All Asian game genres.

B – Japanese gaming/manga categories

C – Anime Games

D – European game genres

E – Latin American game genres and cultural references

F – Latin American games I’ve seen, or seen through an article, video or podcast

G – Korean game genres (not Asian-inspired)

-Who’s working on the content or development

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