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If so, what are the benefits and limitations?

1.0.5 • iPad support

• Bug fixes

1.0.4 • Bug fixes

v1.0.3 • Bug fixes

v1.0.2 • Bug fixes

v1.0.1 • Fixes bug that would sometimes cause a crash on startup

v1.0.0 • New and improved game mode

• New features of the game

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The University of Illinois’ University Club has announced it would be hosting two events at a local homecoming ceremony, one of which will take place at a local strip club — and the other on a Sunday, according to documents filed in Champaign County Circuit Court.

The club has asked Champaign County prosecutors to file an amended complaint against the city for permitting two such events at the homecoming celebration, according to the petition.

The homecoming on Aug. 31 and the parade on Sept. 19 are the only city-owned events scheduled for both days for the University Club.

But club records showed no such permit for the Sept. 18 event. A club representative did not respond immediately Friday to questions about the city’s decision, as was required.

The club is seeking a judge’s approval to “open an investigation of the city of Champaign for permitting unauthorized club-sponsored events.

“The club is working with its legal counsel to ensure the club’s integrity and to determine all of the facts and facts surrounding the alleged events,” club spokesman John Bresic said.

The club has scheduled an April court hearing to argue for a change of venue, according to a notice in the club’s complaint. That hearing was scheduled to be

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