Does free energy generator work? – Gibbs Free Energy Change Units

The Free Energy Generator works by converting solar radiation into heat energy via an internal combustion engine and a water and electrolytic cell. The device generates electricity using the sun’s rays. The energy can be stored in a water system and used to power a home.

How is electricity generated?

The Free Energy Generator uses one engine to convert sunlight into electricity. The Sun itself is not the source of electricity. There are other sources of energy for heating. These are generally natural systems, such as those of the soil or vegetation. Free Energy Generator has no impact on these other sources. These are heat energy systems and may not work with solar panels.

Can I use my Free Energy Generator to heat water?

Yes. Your Free Energy Generator creates power from heat, which will convert into hot water. You’ll need to use your own heat to heat water. You can find ways to do this, including:

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems (used in conjunction with water heaters)

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Gas-fired or CNG-fired heaters

Couples or small electric motors

Water Coolers and Hydroponic systems.

How do I convert sunlight to heat energy?

To create electricity, heat oil or other chemical fuel, you’re working with chemicals and fuel components that are created from carbon molecules. Most sunlight does this.

How does the Free Energy Generator work?

The system uses the sun’s rays to convert into energy. The Sun itself is not the source of energy. There are other sources for heating. These are generally natural systems, such as those of the soil. The Sun provides its energy through its direct heat radiating out from its surface.

Can water and electrolytic cell convert energy into electricity?


What does the Free Energy Generator contain?

The Free Energy Generator contains one internal combustion engine, one water cooling system used, one air conditioning system, one solar power generator, one battery, an adjustable thermostat, an external temperature controller, an internal air compressor, and a solar charger.

Why can’t the solar panels work?

As long as we do not heat, light or remove moisture from the soil, water or electrolyte, these systems won’t be able to produce electricity as the Free Energy Generator does.

My Free Energy Generator doesn’t produce electricity. What’s wrong with it?

The Free Energy Generator isn’t working, so there

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