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How long does a magnet last when it’s in air? Why are magnets more likely to magnetize when the temperature is above 80 degrees? Are magnets affected by heat or cold? What are some of the common types and characteristics of magnets? Why do some people see an attractive magnetic field in air and not in earth? Have you ever wondered what the difference between a North/South magnet and a magnetic “halo” is and how does that work? Are earth magnets and air magnets the same? Do they have their own properties and effects on Earth and other celestial bodies? Are other types of magnets possible? How do the magnetic forces influence the Earth’s magnetic field? If someone took your magnet and placed them somewhere on the earth, on a pole, on the surface of a mountain, on a beach, what would happen? Can any of the forces acting on magnets be directly controlled and manipulated? Is there a magnetic force that governs all forces on the surface of the Earth? How well do magnets retain their shape in the vacuum of space? Can magnetism travel through the vacuum? Is it possible to influence an object, such as a magnet, as though it were a vacuum? What is the relationship between a magnetized object and its magnetic poles? Can magnetism exist without its poles, as with some substances? Are there magnetic poles in a vacuum? Can magnets exist in water? What is the strength of a magnet? What is the average force for the human hand used to move an object? What happens to a magnetized iron bar if it is placed in the air? Is it possible to move an iron bar from side to side if one were to spin it? How do magnetized water molecules interact with a magnetic field? Can a magnet be moved through a magnetized atmosphere? Does anyone have an answer to the question: Why is there no water in air?

What is gravity? How does gravity affect magnets? How is it possible for two magnets to coexist in the same room? What, if anything, would happen if you separated magnet from air? Can magnetism exist outside the earth? Can magnets be used outside the earth? Do magnets affect the earth’s magnetic field, which controls everything from navigation to the weather? Are magnets the same everywhere on the Earth, or does each place have its own magnetic field? How many miles are there on average between magnetic poles? What are the distances between magnetic poles? If gravity is present, will a magnet affect the earth’s gravity? Is it possible to move between two magnets that

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