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It might have been a bonus, but Tesla didn’t start out as a company of energy guzzlers. It started as a company of information providers and data curators. Tesla may have started as a company of oil driller, but after years of innovation and innovation, the company has moved on to the next generation of energy storage.

The city of Chicago has had it with its overgrown and overcrowded public housing, where, the city estimates, over 30 percent of the city’s population lives. To help fix it, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked the mayor’s office of housing and planning to look at developing an entire town in the shadow of Millennium Park.

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One thing that the mayor’s office has been quick to mention about the proposed project: “This will be a town that serves as a gateway to Chicago’s neighborhoods and helps spur economic development.” While this is a nice, vague pitch, and does not rule out a possible mixed-income project (or in some cases a neighborhood mix), it is difficult to see the project as anything but a step towards suburban sprawl. The mayor’s office recently presented a list of possible locations for the community and stated, “these proposed developments provide the opportunity to build a vibrant and sustainable community with the resources and infrastructure to support such developments.”

The development itself seems modest but still could be a way to make up for the loss of public housing. The proposal does not yet include a price tag, although the mayor’s office did note that it hopes it will be “cost effective”.

To the mayor’s office the site of the proposed redevelopment does not seem to have enough potential and will make this a good place to start the city’s public housing effort. The site is less than a mile from Millennium Park and the proposed site of the development does not include any of the development land or streets that lie between Millennium Park and the Chicago River.

The only neighborhood that has any hope of ever benefiting from this idea is Lincoln Park East.

The New York Red Bulls’ roster is looking very strong ahead of the 2015 MLS season.

New York City FC are not on the books for 2014, but Red Bulls assistant Jason Kreis announced on Tuesday that some of the team players and officials will play for their clubs during the upcoming MLS season.

The players on trial include a number of returning MLS players. Among New York City FC players on trial are Miguel Camargo, Armando Cooper, Michael Kightly, Mike Grella and Josh Saunders.

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