Did Tesla get free energy? – Gibbs Free Energy Equation Solving For Ka

Yes. There are two versions of the free energy equation.

One in which you can just ask other people how much they want Tesla’s energy.

Another in which other people pay you to provide that energy and the actual Tesla amount of energy the customers want to pay has to be a multiple of the cost of providing the energy. The higher that the cost is, the higher the multiplier of the cost of energy. So if you have a Tesla vehicle and it costs you $15.00 per kWh, then when you tell a customer that they are going to pay $20.00 for that energy, you are going to give them $14.00 per kWh. That is the free energy equation. That is one version of that equation, and we use it because if you have customers who want to pay $14.00 per kWh, that’s free energy.

The real question is: “Is Tesla getting free energy?”

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk recently said that the company had no choice but to take a financial hit before it could make the money back and fulfill its promise to provide free energy on its new Roadster. (credit: Tesla Motors) Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly claimed that Tesla never planned to create a product that would provide an alternative energy source — but the company is now selling the possibility that it could. It’s a clever bit of spin. For example, when Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made headlines last year when he announced that the company had a business model that can provide energy for free, Tesla’s stock price almost doubled. Then when Musk was invited to appear on HBO to discuss the free energy promise that he had publicly demonstrated at the end of last year, as the price for the Tesla Roadster dropped and he was talking to HBO, Tesla’s stock dropped again. One version of that free energy equation was the one in which Tesla only had to provide a $15.00 per kWh electric vehicle without having to provide that energy itself, and that’s another version of that equation. (There was an earlier version of that free energy equation that was a cheaper model of Tesla’s product. It’s called the free energy equation where the cost of electricity to provide an electric vehicle is a multiple of the cost of the energy in a fixed quantity called the “base case.”) In any case, we can say what is really going on here. Tesla is now selling a second version of that equation where the customer pays to have the Tesla’s energy that they bought for a certain amount

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