Can you power a lightbulb with a magnet? – Free Energy Principle For Dummies

Yes. Can you stop a train car with a magnet? Sure.”

But the problem lies with his theory that magnetics could create the world’s energy. “When we talk about our life force, we aren’t talking about the whole body or a certain part of the body — we’re talking about an energy field, or more specifically, an electric field, that surrounds you like a bubble,” he says. For most of the population, he says, “the electric field might be about half the energy that the magnetic field might be, but that doesn’t mean that it is in the same area.” The magnet could be far away.

He speculates, however, that the magnet-free world might create vast amounts of energy, and that the reason why we have energy is because there is also a magnetic field around us.

“The magnetic field is important for everything. For example, when you look at a planet Earth, we can see that it has very little magnetic field. There’s a lot of solar wind and cosmic radiation. Even if there’s nothing there, we can feel the energy that leaves Earth,” he says. “We have energy fields around us which are important for how the planet works. It makes life possible here on Earth.”

For now, the experiment is still “only theory,” but he’s keen to do more.

“We need to test what the potential energy is. If we can actually do that, we could make a lot of money from these kinds of things.”

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A man from east Belfast has been identified as the man who saved a teenage girl from a vicious car attack on a city bus.

West Belfast man Michael O’Reilly, 55, stopped the vehicle and grabbed the girl before two men boarded the car and beat the vehicle with iron rods.

The teenager was in the back of the car when it was attacked in the early hours of Saturday, October 22.

She had a cut to her cheek but it is thought it was not serious and she escaped as the attack was underway, at 1am, on the Belfast Bus Service.

A West Belfast man, aged

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