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Can you control a refrigerator with an electromagnet?

Using a magnet to control your refrigerator is a little beyond the scope of this web site, as we are going to be able to control the temperature and flow rate of water in all kinds of different water cooled devices. But you will see that the idea is to do very sophisticated things, and it has a lot of applications.
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The magnetic coils will be in a fridge, a refrigerator with a water pump, a fridge with a heating pump, a heater with an AC motor, a heater with an AC motor, or any other device that is cooled as by a water pump.

The magnetic coils in a refrigerator will work by magnetizing an inductor or inductor coil that is attached to the refrigerator coils themselves. When this inductor or inductor coil is energized the whole refrigerator coil is energized, including the coils and the coil coils. The result is a magnetic field that draws water from a cold source. An external coil with its coil coils connected to a refrigerator water supply will draw water from a cold source. An electric motor will work by driving both the electric motor and the external inductor or inductor coil connected to the fridge coils.

The water that is drawn from the cold source will be cooled through the circuit in the refrigerator circuit and the coil coils. As the water is drawn to the refrigerator the circuit at the refrigerator will be adjusted to hold the total voltage at the water line to a voltage that does not exceed the cold source or ground wire limits. An electric motor will work as mentioned before. As the motor runs, current will flow from the motor shaft through its control coils and to hot water lines in the refrigerator and hot water line on the heater. So as water is drawn to the freezer and water goes into the heater water will be drawn to the coils and heated through those coils. The power to be supplied to the fridge and the power to be supplied to the water lines to operate the magnet coils is provided in the same circuit. The water is drawn to the refrigerator where the coil coils are cooled by the current flow through the coils. The power is provided to the magnet coils, and the current flowing on the coils causes them to warm up. The cool water in the coils is pulled into the coils where it is cooled and stored.


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